Blessed Be Your Name: Seeking God with All Your Heart

When hard times come, do you praise the Lord? To be honest, “blessed be Your name” can be hard to say when we don’t understand our struggles. Several years ago, our church sang Matt Redman’s “Blessed Be Your Name” fairly often. The song talks about praising the Lord when things are good and when they’re

How to Study the Bible

We all know we’re supposed to read our Bibles. We probably feel guilty if we’re not reading it every day. But do you know how to study the Bible? If you’re not really sure how to begin, that could be making it harder for you to cultivate that wonderful habit. Let’s take a look at

Taking Control of Your Christmas

Taking Control of Your Christmas *a guest post by Jennifer Slattery* Most of us parents, even the most frugal among us, have an inner tug to splurge come Christmas. To ignore our budgets so we can get little Johnny that perfect toy that will create that perfect Christmas memory, or perhaps, in a box all