How to Recognize That Still Small Voice

How do you know what that “still small voice” of God sounds like? We know we’re supposed to listen to it, but doesn’t the devil try to imitate God in order to trip us up? How can we tell for sure whose voice we’re hearing?

How do you know what that "still small voice" of God sounds like? There's one way to know for sure!Identifying an Imitation

When I was teaching fourth grade, there was a set of identical twins in our grade level. *Jonathan was in my class, and his twin, *Christopher, was in another class. These boys looked exactly the same except for one small detail: Christopher was missing two fingers.

All the kids could tell the boys apart by looking at their hands. The boys took delight in trying to trick the others by hiding their hands and asking the kids to guess, “Who am I?”

One day in early spring, I was walking through the cafeteria when one of the boys called out to get my attention. I walked over, and with his hands behind his back and a grin on his face, he asked me, “Who am I?”

He thought he had me.

Without hesitation I answered, “You’re Christopher.”

His smile disappeared, replaced by surprise at my confident answer. “How did you know?”

To this day I couldn’t tell you a specific trait that distinguished their faces. But because I saw Jonathan’s cute little face all day, every day, I could easily tell at a glance that Christopher was not Jonathan.

Christopher’s teacher said the same thing.

Recognizing That Still Small Voice

The same is true of learning to hear God’s voice. When we spend time (every day!) reading His word and studying Him, we will know His voice. And when the devil, who tries to look just like Him but isn’t exactly, tries to fool us, we’ll know that isn’t the voice of the loving Father we’ve come to know so well. We might not be able to describe just how we know, but we’ll know.

The Bible gives another illustration. Referring to His people as sheep is not generally a compliment, but imagine with me for a minute. Those sheep are out in the field with their shepherd. They’re out there all day, every day, with that same shepherd, and they come to trust him to take care of them. They learn his voice, his songs, his habits, and they follow him.

In John 10:27, Jesus says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me.” (NIV)

If we are His sheep, we will learn to recognize His voice as we spend time with Him. We will quickly identify a look-alike, and we will be able to follow the Shepherd who loves and cares for us.

*Names have been changed.



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    Well done, Sarah!

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    This was such a great devotion. Thank you for sharing! <3

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