‘A Love Valley Christmas’: Meet Author Mary L. Ball + a Giveaway

I love Christmas stories at Christmas time! Here’s another for you, plus an opportunity to win a copy. 🙂 I’m happy to have Mary L. Ball back again today to share her new Cowboy Christmas story, A Love Valley Christmas. (We also had an opportunity to hear about Mary’s last book, Stone of Destiny.) Before we visit, here’s a quick look at the story.

Meet Mary L Ball, author of A LOVE VALLEY CHRISTMAS (A Cowboy Christmas), and enter to win a copy!A Love Valley Christmas


Step off the pavement, onto a dirt road and join our fictional characters celebrating Christmas in Love Valley North Carolina, a real western community.


When Susie Aleman isn’t running Spurs, a mercantile in Love Valley, she’s raising her sixteen year old son, Zam. She’s content with life, and relies on no one but God. Then Ty Porter moves to Love Valley and stampedes into her heart.


Ty Porter has given up on women. All he wants is a fresh start, and a new pair of cowboy boots. That is until he meets Susie.


As Christmas Eve rolls around can he convince Susie that love after thirty-five is worth the risk?
Will Susie lead Ty to see that the Lord can be trusted?

Welcome back, Mary! What inspired you to write A Love Valley Christmas?

Prism Book Group (my publisher) sent out a call for Cowboy Christmas novellas, either western or contemporary. I thought it would be fun and wanted to scribe a contemporary story around the town of Love Valley. It’s a real western community in North Carolina.

What a fun name for a small town! Why did you choose this particular setting, and have you been there?

Love Valley, North Carolina is a small town nestled among the mountains north of Statesville, NC. It’s a little over an hour drive from me. It’s been a while since I was there, but it’s a quaint community that thrives on its western atmosphere. The town has a tack shop, general store, hardware store, a blacksmith shop and saloon, as well as a restaurant. The residents of Love Valley (about 120) live there year round. Just like other small towns they have access to modern amenities.

It sounds like a perfect “cowboy town” for a story. What do you hope your readers take away from the story?

God’s timing isn’t always in line with ours and we can rest, assured in our life as long as we hang onto faith.

That’s true, although it’s not always easy to rest in His timing… Have you given any of your own personality quirks to your characters? If so, would you be willing to share about it/them?

No, not any of mine. However, I’m from the south where the men like to call their loves enduring names. Ty calls Susie, “pretty lady.” A phrase my husband has spoken many times. ☺

How sweet! That’s a great trait to share in a character! Tell us a little about yourself. What are you reading right now?

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas just around the corner I’m taking a little break from my work in progress. I’m enjoying a refresher course on POV.  I’m reading Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View, wrote by Jill Elizabeth Nelson.

One of our favorite questions… Can you share (briefly) about something you feel the Lord has been teaching you recently?

My mother has Alzheimer’s. It’s been a struggle for both of us. Three years ago when I began dealing with her memory loss, I would cry and worry. God has shown me that my worrying was preventing Him from being able to give me peace to deal with the things I must. All these years I thought I had a good grasp on giving my cares to the Lord, but with God’s help, I’ve finally realized that by fretting and worrying  I was taking the situation away from the Lord and preventing Him from giving me the grace I needed to enjoy the time I have left with my mother.

Such a difficult journey you’ve been on! But what sweet encouragement in your reminder to trust and not worry. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today, Mary!

Your turn! Just for fun, how many Christmas stories have you read this year?

More about Mary:

Meet Mary L Ball, author of A LOVE VALLEY CHRISTMAS (A Cowboy Christmas), and enter to win a copy!Mary L. Ball is a multi-published author. She resides in the heart of North Carolina.

When she isn’t working on her latest story, she enjoys fishing, reading, and singing with her husband at church functions.

You can connect with Mary online:




Visit Mary’s singing ministry site: http://heirsofsalvation2.webs.com

Stop by her website and follow her blog: http://www.marylball.com


‘A Love Valley Christmas’ Giveaway:

Mary has graciously offered to give away an e-copy of A Love Valley Christmas. Giveaways are subject to the Giveaway Policy.

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  1. Joan Arning

    I’ve probably read 20 so far!

  2. Connie Saunders

    I have several to read but the only one that i’ve read is Restoring Christmas by Cynthia Rucht.

  3. Ann Ellison

    I have read and really enjoyed this one.

  4. Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. Blessings to Mary for taking care of her mother.

  5. Hi Mary. Lived the interview. I’ll have to read this wonderful book! Thanks, Sarah.

  6. FUN series!

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