Meet Terri Reed, Author of ‘Murder Under the Mistletoe’ + a Giveaway

While I have not intentionally sought out Christmas novellas, it does seem to be a wonderful time to share them! 😉 Terri Reed is visiting with us today, and her new book, Murder Under the Mistletoe, looks like a great story to pick up this month. Before we visit with Terri, here’s a quick look at the story.

Murder Under the MistletoeAGENT UNDERCOVER


DEA agent Tyler Griffin must stop a drug cartel that’s using an Idaho Christmas tree farm to smuggle narcotics across the Canadian border. But to do his job, Tyler needs the cooperation of farm owner and widowed mother Heather Larson-Randall—whose informant brother died on Tyler’s watch. Tyler knows a crucial piece of evidence is hidden somewhere on the property. But getting the protective mother to trust him is the hardest part of his mission. As threats against Heather mount, he vows to keep her and her child safe…and clear the farm of danger before Christmas.


Northern Border Patrol: Keeping the US-Canadian border safe.

Welcome, Terri! Let’s start with five fast favorites:

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite season? Fall

Cats or dogs? Dogs (I’m allergic to cats)

Bummer! (I love cats…) Sports or music? Music

Favorite movie? It’s a Wonderful Life

I’m partial to blue myself, not that anyone could tell. 😉 Let’s talk about your writing. What inspired you to write Murder Under the Mistletoe?

While doing research on the first book in the Northern Border Patrol series, I came across an article about drugs being smuggled through the transportation of Christmas trees. When I sat down to write Murder Under the Mistletoe, the third book in my Northern Border Patrol series, my editor asked if I could do a Christmas themed book and I immediately thought of the story I’d read and decided to set Murder Under the Mistletoe on a Christmas tree farm. Since I’d already done a book set in Oregon–which is the biggest producer of Christmas trees—I needed to find another state that also grew Christmas trees and found a farm in northern Idaho that fit the bill.

That sounds like an interesting combination. You mentioned that you enjoy music. Do you like to listen to it while you write? What is your favorite?

I can’t write when it’s silent. I need the background noise of music. Lately I’ve been listening to acoustic covers. I like the simplicity of the voice and guitar or piano.

Agreed! I have Christmas music playing now, but the words can be distracting sometimes. Can you give any hints about what you are working on now?

Right now I’m finishing up on the fifth book in the Northern Border Patrol series. This book is the story of one of the secondary character from the other books. Canada Border Service officer Nathanial Longhorn washes ashore on a beach in Maine without his memories of who he is or how he ended up there. Deputy Sheriff Audrey Martin is determined to help the stranger uncover the truth despite the danger that threatens them both.

That sounds like a great story, too! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one! Do you have a favorite Bible verse? Why is that one special to you?

I have so many favorite verses its hard to pick just one. But I would say my life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

This verse has been the one I cling to in times of stress and strife. It reminds me I need to actively trust in God and that my understanding of reality is not always how things are. That God knows better than I do what is best for me and I don’t need to try to control everything. He’s in control. There’s comfort in knowing that He has my back at all times but it has to start with me putting my trust in Him.

That’s a great point, Terri. It doesn’t say He makes our paths straight so that we can trust Him, but rather starts with the admonition to trust Him first. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today!

More about Terri:

author Terri ReedAward winning, multipublished author Terri Reed discovered the wonderful world of fiction at an early age and declared she would one day write a book. Now she’s fulfilling that dream by writing for Love Inspired. She is a member of both Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. You can visit her online at or on Facebook at

Also by Terri Reed:

Danger at the BorderUNSAFE TERRITORY


When a mysterious toxin threatens lives and livelihoods near the border between the U.S. and Canada, Dr. Tessa Cleary is called to trace the source. But when the no-nonsense doctor is forced to work with border patrol agent Jeff Steele, she finds the lone wolf’s dedication to his job—and country—chipping away at the walls around her heart. Just as Tessa and Jeff are about to uncover the toxin’s deadly source, armed thugs kidnap them in the forest. Now they must trust each other to survive before time runs out for everyone. 


Northern Border Patrol: Keeping the U.S.–Canadian border safe

Joint InvestigationLONE AGENT


Under other circumstances, FBI agent Samantha Bennett might welcome a bit of backup—but not from an overprotective Mountie. She’s been on the trail of a serial killer for six months and no one has ever taken the case seriously…until now. When Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector Drew Kelley saves her life, he decides that the hunt for “Birdman” is his problem, too. Together they begin a cross-continent chase to stop the madman before he strikes again. However, Samantha fears her growing feelings for the lawman may weaken her focus, or worse—put Drew directly in the killer’s sights…


Northern Border Patrol: Keeping the U.S.–Canadian border safe

Joint Investigation Giveaway:


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33 thoughts on “Meet Terri Reed, Author of ‘Murder Under the Mistletoe’ + a Giveaway

  1. I love Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

    • I like Chevy Chase. I’ve always enjoyed his movies.

  2. Mary Preston

    HOME ALONE Is a family favorite.

  3. Laurie Bergh

    Looking forward to reading joint investigation.

  4. Heather Olsen

    Our family loves to watch Elf every year. The best part of the movie is listening to my kids giggling.

    • I was surprised by how much I liked that movie!

  5. Abby Breuklander

    I absolutely love The Christmas Card!!

    • Oh, I’ve never heard of that one. I’ll google it! Thanks,

  6. DK Stevens

    My favorite is One Magic Christmas..

  7. kim amundsen

    The first 2 home alone movies

    • I really enjoyed the first one. The second was good but not as much.

  8. Jo Anne Vincenti

    Miracle on 34th Street — watch it every year. My grandchildren and I watch Frosty the Snowman every year — I have replaced the DVD twice now as it has been watched so many times!

    • Frosty! I remember that one. I love the original version of Miracle on 34th St.

  9. Lovely interview, Proverbs 3:5-6 is also a favorite of mine, and one of those verses that have guide me many times over. Thanks!

    As to favorite Christmas movie, it’ll have to be It’s a Wonderful Life. =)

    • Thank you Annie. I love the dancing scene in AWL when the pool opens beneath them. Too funny.

  10. It’s a Wonderful LIfe!

  11. nicole krutz

    My favorite Christmas movie is Rudolph!!

    • Awww, Rudolph. My kids liked that one a lot.

  12. Maybe this wasn’t a good question to ask y’all… I have so much to do, but now I want to go find a few Christmas movies and some hot chocolate! LOL These are all great — thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Sarah, you’re so right! I’d rather curl up on the couch with a movie and a cup of hot chocolate than work today!!

  13. Trixi

    Only one?? LOL….there are so many good ones out there it’s hard to choose! But I have 3 must watch ones; George C Scott’s “A Christmas Carol”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Miracle on 34th Street”. And if I get a chance to catch it on TV “White Christmas”. I love all the old-timey movies 🙂 I also like the older kids ones, Rudolf, Frosty the Snowman, Dr Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (NOT Jim Carrey!)….and the list goes on 🙂 ABC Family has quite a variety each year.

    Terri, you are one of my favorite LIH authors and I have quite a few titles on my shelf. Thanks for the author interview, I really enjoyed reading it! And the chance to win your newest one. Merry Christmas to you & Sarah!

    • Trixi

      I just re-read this…and I’m so sorry!! I thought this was for a chance to win “Murder Under the Mistletoe”, but it’s for “Joint Investigation” which is one I already have!! Sarah, if you can, please take my name out of the contest so others who don’t have it, can have a chance. So Sorry about this!!

      • No worries, Trixi. If you are picked we can work something out.

    • Oh, I love a White Christmas too!! The song Sisters! So funny.

    • So many good ones! I agree, Trixi. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  14. Jan H

    My favorite Christmas movie is It’s A Wonderful Life

  15. Vicki G

    Our family watches Home Alone and Christmas with the Kranks every year! 🙂

  16. Terrill R.

    My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. I know it sounds very juvenile and I should have picked a classic like It’s a wonderful Life (Which I do love,) but Elf makes me giggle and I love comedy. It’s also a movie our whole family enjoys together. 🙂

    • That’s the best part of Christmas movies, Terrill, is watching them together! 🙂

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